I mean who doesn't love breakfast food right? There are so many options to choose from like pancakes, waffles, or french toast. You also have the options of ham, bacon, sausage, turkey bacon, or turkey sausage. Don't get me started on bagels, sandwiches, cereal, or even biscuits and gravy. Breakfast food is timeless and can be eaten at any time of the day, please find me food that's more versatile than breakfast food.

Now, where you choose to get breakfast food is the big question. There are the chain restaurants such as Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel, Ihop, Denny's, and others, which don't get me wrong, those places can absolutely hit the spot and are safe to go to when you're not in your local area, but they don't hit the same. The local spots are always much better as you can taste and feel the love and care in which they serve with. That's why this restaurant was named the best hole-in-the-wall breakfast spot in Michigan.

I don't think I've ever heard of Caseville before today but now they are all over the map due to one local, mom-and-pop breakfast restaurant making national news. In an article posted by MSN, research was done to decide which hole-in-the-wall breakfast restaurants were the best around America, naming one for each of the 50 states. Michigan's selection was Walt's Restaurant in Caseville.

Walt's Restaurant has been a staple of the Caseville community for well over 50 years, providing real love and homestyle cooking to everyone who walks through their doors. They only use real potatoes and homemade bread with all of their menu items while also addition to flaky and buttery biscuits and sweet treats like cinnamon rolls and doughnuts.

They did say that they used reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor, recommendations, and rankings from local food experts to make their list. This could mean that the results could be skewed for several different reasons, nonetheless Walt's rose to the top and may be worth a trip.

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