Having a pet is something that most kids would like to have, and many people choose to have pets when they are older because they couldn't when they were growing up. Many families acquire a pet because the children are asking for it repeatedly and everyone would like the extra love with others, who are mostly single adults, will get a pet to have company and love from an outside source.

No matter the reason for having a pet or not, most people are in favor of the furry and sometimes not furry animals that we keep as a part of our families. Some people are cat people, others are reptile owners, there are those who love fish, and of course the 4-legged animal known as a dog is probably the most popular pet out there. There are tons of dogs across the world and what feels like an endless number of breeds, so which breed does Michigan like the most?

The study conducted by pet nutrition experts at PetLab analyzed over 200 AKC-recognized dog breeds alongside keywords such as 'buy' and 'adopt' through Google's Keyword Planner to produce a ranking for each state's most searched-for breed over the past 12 months. Surprisingly, Michigan fits in with the trends of the country and our most popular dog breed is the Golden Retriever. 

The Golden Retriever came out at the top of the rankings as the most searched-for dog breed over the past year. 38 states favor the breed the most, as Golden Retrievers are an extremely popular breed for families due to their kind nature and ease of training. The second most popular breed in the US is the French Bulldog. Frenchie's are friendly, affectionate and comical dogs, making them an easy choice for those looking to adopt, foster or buy as they are the most favored dog breed in nine states.

Closing out the Top 5 were Bernese Mountain Dog, Newfoundland, and the Dogo Argentino, an Argentine mastiff-type pup. The previous breeds were ranked 3, 4, and 5 in respective order as they were the most looked up or favored breed in a number of states across the country. 

Are you a dog owner? What kind of dog do you have? Are you looking to become a fur parent? What breed of fur baby would you like? Do you agree with the Golden Retriever being the most favored dog breed in Michigan? Or do you think it should be something else?

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