Every year, the Super Bowl rolls around during the first couple of weeks of February. This year, the Super Bowl happened to fall on the second Sunday of the month, with the Pro Bowl and skills competitions taking place the week before. Sure, the game is exciting, and people want to see who will lift the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season and be claimed football champions of the world. That may be the main reason for the event but is often the least pay attention to part.

It's wild to say that a sporting event isn't about the game that's going on, but the Super Bowl may be the one example of that. For years, we have heard how many people around the world are only watching the Super Bowl to see the halftime show or even worse the commercials, instead of the game itself. This is a common occurrence that we have all gotten used to. There are also people out there that only like the Super Bowl because of the parties that are loaded with food and drinks. Every party is different but in Michigan these are must haves for the Super Bowl Spread.

A new study has revealed America’s favorite Super Bowl foods, with some gameday classics appearing further down the list than you might expect. JeffBet analyzed 75 popular Super Bowl party foods, using more than 4,000 search combinations, such as ‘how to make ___’ and ‘___ recipe’ in order to find which gameday snacks are being searched for the most.

A spokesperson for JeffBet commented on the findings, saying:

“From classic finger foods to hearty snacks, it's evident that people across the country have a wide array of culinary choices when it comes to enjoying the big game. The findings highlight the dynamic and inclusive nature of Super Bowl food culture, showcasing the various tastes and traditions that contribute to the overall game day experience.”

Without further ado, here are the 10 foods that people in Michigan like to enjoy during the Super Bowl and other football games.

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