One of the biggest complaints by shoppers has been the transition to self-checkout stations rather than traditional cashier lanes. Most of this has to do with people feeling like they are doing the work of the store and that it slows the process down as people take their sweet time checking themselves out. Another area of concern is that workers will then check shoppers' receipt to ensure they didn't steal anything.

Many are saying that there would be no need to check our receipts if the store still had cashier's working and scanning everything for us. Another annoying part of cashing yourself out through self-checkout is when you scan something that needs an age verification you must wait for the attendant to come over and swipe your ID. This can be tedious especially when you are buying something you didn't think you'd be ID'd for.

With fall being here and the weather is changing that means a couple of things. Firstly, that means that cold, flu, and sick season is approaching and secondly, the holidays are only around the corner. Both of these mean one thing, multiple trips to the store for many different things. You may find yourself at the store for items you may need to make everyone comfortable, to make dinner, cough drops, or even cold medicine.

The jarring thing is that some of these things can cause you to pull out your ID and show the cashier that you are above the legal purchasing age. I know, all these items are common household items but some of their contents or avenues in which they are used are the reason for those under a certain age to be permitted to buy them.

For example, Baking Soda has become one of those household items that you wouldn't think would be something you would need to flash your ID for. Well, after the growth of the drug business across the country, shows like breaking bad, and more, the government knows how Baking Soda assist in the process and want to refrain from young adults joining in.

Baking Soda isn't the only kind of product in which one can be unexpectedly asked to show their ID as many household items are used in a number of different ways. With that being said, below is a list of household items and other everyday things that could get you carded.

Basic Everyday Items That You Could Be Carded For

Items that you wouldn't think would need an ID but due to alternative uses of the product you unfortunately will be stopped and asked to verify your age before purchasing these things.

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