Michigan is known for many different sports but the two that we have had the most success with are Football and Ice Hockey. We have some talented basketball, soccer, and baseball players as well, but not quite like the talent we have given the football and ice hockey fans. Fall is in full swing, and the football pads have been cracking, now that the latter third of the season has started, playoff pictures are becoming very clear.

Rankings are hard to come by in High School sports as there are hundreds of high schools in Michigan and thousands in the country. Michigan High School Football rankings are one of the more exciting ones to follow in the country as one loss could move you from #1 to outside the top 10 and a couple wins in a row could move you up quickly. Southwest Michigan has fared well in the rankings again this year.

There have been a handful of schools from Southwest Michigan whose football teams are state champions, state runner ups, or ranked and have done well in the state tournament. As we are approaching week 8 of the high school football season some teams are starting to kick it into high gear and play their best football while others are fighting amongst the middle of the pack for a postseason spot.

For some teams here in Southwest Michigan they are continuing a long tradition of success and being state ranked is not something celebrated as it was more so expected. While others are making history and haven't been this good in a long time if they have ever been this good. There are a total of 14 teams in Southwest Michigan that are either state ranked or received votes to be ranked.

This is a total for all levels of football so the two divisions in 8-man football and the 8 divisions in 11-man football. Southwest Michigan has a handful of teams in both 8-man and 11-man football that represent well, but there are a couple of divisions where Southwest Michigan isn't coming through in. There are zero teams from Southwest Michigan ranked in Divisions 1, 3, and 5.

Here are the 14 football teams from Southwest Michigan that are ranked in the state.

State Ranked Southwest Michigan High School Football Teams

Teams from High Schools in Southwest Michigan that are ranked in the state for their respective division and size of football.

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