The world has been around for some 10s of billions of years and since the neanderthals, humans have found a way to eat. Now the evolution of the world, invention of technology, and the everlasting knowledge we have consumed allows for eating efforts to be much easier than they were before.

For almost 300 years, the United States of America has been a country, and throughout the beginning stages many different regions started to become states, until we were left with what we have now, 50 states and 1 territory, known as America. Slowly the country began to change and shift over time, but chefs made their own places to make food for others and they would pay, creating the present-day style of restaurants.  Believe it or not, there's an Ohio restaurant that can claim stake in creating restaurant culture in America.

Eat this, not that took it upon themselves to do all the hard work for us, they have researched the entire country, finding the oldest restaurants in each state and compared the opening dates to find the 12 oldest restaurants. Most of them were on the East Coast, which makes sense considering all of the 13 colonies were in that area. Even with that being the case, somehow Ohio snuck in there to represent the Midwest.

Eat this, not that stumbled across Arnold's Bar and Grill while doing their research. Arnold's Bar and Grill has been serving the Cincinnati residents and visitors since 1834. What started as a house of ill repute up until it was casually transitioned to be a standard bar in 1861. They were able to withstand the times of prohibition in the 1920s by selling food, but they still showcase a bathtub that was supposedly used to make gin.

Arnold's Bar and Grill is still sitting in Downtown Cincinnati, serving anyone who walks through their doors. They are now known obviously for their drinks but also for hearty burgers, their vegan menu, and live music and other entertainment. If you found the oldest restaurants interesting than you may enjoy finding out the oldest cities in America below.

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