Almost two decades ago, Battle Creek was blessed with an entire album welcoming people to the city. Local artists Treeo, Ms. Daisy, and J-Taylor came together to put together a track that represents the Cereal City, posting the finished product to YouTube for everyone to enjoy just seven years ago.

Their skills were on full display as they put together a thrilling R&B/ Hip Hop album for the ages. It could easily be considered one of the best to ever come from Southwest Michigan even though none of the songs reached the billboard list. Let's take a look back at what "Welcome To Battle Creek: City Of The Cereal" had to offer Battle Creek and its visitors.

Rock The Creek With R&B

Who doesn't love the city that gifted the world with Cereal? Battle Creek isn't the most beautiful of cities, but it is a city that's home to some rhythm and blues. There's nothing like a few slow songs to make you think about that special someone that you met in Battle Creek.

Treeo and the crew decided to capture those moments and put them into words over music, creating some solid music in the process. If you're looking for a few local songs to get you in the mood or make your person feel special there are 5 to choose from in "Movin' on", "My Boo", "Let's Get It On", "My Boo (Remix), and "Thanks".

Hyped On Hip Hop

Take in the culture of Battle Creek and enjoy the lively parts of the city while bumping some of their local music through your speakers. Whether you're visiting Full Blast, riding around the city, or finding something to get into at the McCamly Plaza, you can't go wrong with having these tunes in the background.

If you're needing some extra motivation listen to "Murder Mission Pt. 2", "Get Your Hustle On", or "Do What Cha Gotta Do" to help you dig deep for that extra strength. Or you can get hype to "B.C City" and "Don't Be Hate'n", but if you need to be the DJ for the party you can throw on "Fire Bud Pt. 2", "East Side Riddas", and "Twork Something" to appease to the entire crowd.

Two Time Trio

Treeo and the crew did return just two years later as they dropped another album for Battle Creek and the surrounding areas to enjoy. They couldn't stay out of the game for too long before dropping another album. Just four years after releasing their debut album they followed up by releasing "We Back".

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