After a viral TikTok video from Priest Gerald Johnson explaining his brief trip to Hell after suffering a heart attack, Michigan priests have found themselves in the headlines. Johnson's ordeal took place in 2016 and had some pretty marquee names involved. But alongside that, some other Michigan priests got themselves into infidelity and money issues.

The first of the two was on a sabbatical and looking to enjoy his time away, well he had a little bit too much fun and ended up being exposed on TikTok. The third and last priests on the list were just trying to make a little extra money like the rest of us, but he embarked upon the wrong journey to do so.

Gerald Johnson posted on his own TikTok (@geraldajohnson1) sharing the story of his wild afterlife experience when he almost lost his life in 2016. Watch the now viral TikTok of his recalling being tortured by Rihanna's hit song Umbrella being sung by demons and more.

@geraldajohnson1 My experience when I saw hell in February 2016. I’ll never be the same after that. #hell #jesus #unforgiveness #forgive #godsaid #encouragement #geraldajohnson #jesuslovesyou #moveforward ♬ original sound - Gerald Johnson

While trying to find more background information on the wild story that Gerald Johnson went through to figure out how a priest ended up in Hell in the first place and why he felt tortured by the music, I came across another Michigan priest that's in hot water. A woman posted a TikTok series about the interaction that she had with Edwin Dwyer, and it made my jaw drop.

The woman named GiGi Lozano, who goes by @gigilozano513 on TikTok explains how she ended up helping Dwyer with the worst sin for a priest to commit.

@gigilozano513 Just when you think your life can't get any more exciting! #wtf ♬ original sound - GiGi Lozano

She says that they hit it off at the bar while he's buying them drinks and eventually it leads to them leaving the bar and ending the night at his place. Well, we know how those kinds of nights end, he felt his night ended so well that he asked her to dinner the next day. At dinner, his occupation came up and that's when she found out he was a priest.

Lastly, this Michigan Priest was just trying to earn some extra cash but just went about it in the most illegal way possible. David Rosenburg, who's 70 years old, was arraigned in December of 2022 on accusations of embezzling over $800,000 from three retired priests who lived at the St. Francis Retreat Center in DeWitt, where Rosenburg was employed.

He had been stealing money from the individuals for over 2 years starting in January 2018 before stopping in December of 2020 and was using the funds for his own private foundation, Rosenberg Family Corporation which is now known as FaithFirst.

The accusations come from an heir of one of the deceased priests who believes that all money not given to her was stolen according to Rosenburg's lawyers. Rosenberg is charged with three counts of embezzlement from a vulnerable adult and one count each of larceny, perjury, uttering and publishing, and false pretenses but is still awaiting trial.

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