The holidays are one of the most traveled times of the year as many families and individuals are flying, driving, and taking trains all over the country to make it back to their loved ones for the special day. The prices are jacked up so they can make their money, but most people don't care because the time with their family and participating in traditions is worth it.

Now, traveling during this time of year can be frustrating for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is that there are so many people so all of the lines and such are longer but also the weather, which is unpredictable. The weather can cause delays and cancellations but that's only in the worst-case scenarios, which doesn't happen often. The worst thing that can happen is an airline wide cancellation like we're seeing in Kalamazoo.

Avelo Airlines who just opened up their non-stop service from Kalamazoo to Orlando and back, saw great support from Kalamazoo and the surrounding cities who we're looking for non-stop round-trip flights that were closer than Detroit or Chicago. This year many we're relying on Avelo to get them home or bring them back to Kalamazoo for the holidays, now they will be frantically looking for another airline ticket with short notice.

Avelo cancelling all AZO flights 11/29 - 12/18
byu/VegBeef inkzoo

The above Reddit posts shows the text message/email that one Avelo Airlines traveler was sent recently, describing that the services they had paid for wouldn't be available. Avelo has cancelled all of their flights to and from Kalamazoo's AZO and Orlando's MCO airports. This cancellation affects all flights that were scheduled to take place between November 29th and December 18th.

This means a couple of things; this means that some people will need to find a new flight home as some may travel to either city before thanksgiving or then be stuck there since their returning flight has been cancelled. There is also the group of people who have scheduled a trip or vacation right before the Christmas holiday who must now look for a new airline to accommodate their plans.

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