There are some mixed feelings across the country about police and rightfully so for everyone who stands on their side. Everyone is entitled to their opinion which is shaped by not only facts of the world but their emotions and experiences as well. With that being said, the police have one of the toughest jobs in the country as their lives are on the line every day. A million thoughts are running through their heads at once as they are working to keep our country safe.

Although some are reluctant to call on the police for help, there are some situations where it is inevitable that you will need the help of public safety officials. Authorities oftentimes are used to help solve a crime or diffuse a situation, but one of the most crucial moments that a cop can be helpful is during a missing child/person case. They have all the tools needed to locate and track someone down which is what we see happening with this situation in Michigan.

Many rural areas in Michigan are near small towns but as we all know, rural living is very different than urban living. Many kids have more free-range in the rural areas as there is not as much danger. Although they don't have the same excitement as the city, they find ways to keep themselves occupied, like wandering off. That's what happened in Roscommon Township when this 3-year-old boy went missing and had to be tracked down by a K-9 police officer.

In the video above, you can see the officer and K-9 officer sprinting through the field as they are approaching the boy. The officer, Adam Whited, and K-9 officer, Loki were granted the honor of finding him. Whited would carry him out of the woods piggyback style before releasing him to paramedics for a check-up. They say that the young toddler traveled through two small marshes and the woods but was found to be in good health and reunited with his parents.

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