The Thanksgiving holiday is simply just weeks away and as everyone is preparing to head to the grocery stores, purchase all the items they need, plan travel with family, and divvy up duties, there are a large number of people who aren't doing those things because they don't have family or aren't as fortunate. Many people have the less fortunate on their minds during this time and do many things to help, that's why I love this time of year.

Yes, Thanksgiving is all about being loved, thankful, and spending time with family but when you can be selfless for just a moment and make someone else's holiday just as good as yours, it's special. There are many organizations that get together to hand out Thanksgiving meals, provide warm holiday meals, and other experiences for those who may go without. God's Kitchen of Michigan is just one of the many organizations that will be helping out the Kalamazoo community this year.

God's Kitchen of Michigan will be serving a free community dinner to all who would like to show up on Wednesday, November 15th. They will host the dinner at their Wesley Foundation meal site, 2350 Ring Road North, in Kalamazoo. They will be serving dinner from 5-6:30 and have a large spread that will be prepared and available for those in attendance.

The Thanksgiving dinner spread they have in mind is under wraps as all they have released in regard to the menu is that there will be roasted turkey with all the fixings until they run out. This is a great opportunity for many people to get together, network, and share a wonderful meal with each other.

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