Back in the 90s and early 2000s there was an explosion of black sitcoms that hit the television screens showcasing our culture. Proving to many young black boys and girls that the lives they were living were indeed true and they could achieve the dreams they have set. One of the most known shows is the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air starring Will Smith and other black stars.

Will Smith was the star in the sitcom as he was sent from his parents' home in Philadelphia after getting into neighborhood trouble to the much nicer area in Bel-Air, where he had to try and fit in. He had very large aspirations to make it to the NBA, become a rapper, and other goals while also battling the changes in his life, sometimes his dreams were the only place he could escape.

In one of his dreams, he pulled the Detroit Pistons into the mix and gave Michigan residents a reason to tune in. While sitting in class, Will dozed off and had another one of his dreams where he's playing in the NBA - but this time it was against one of the best players to ever wear a Pistons jersey.

In the dream Will was playing 1 on 1 with Isiah Thomas, a point guard for the Detroit Pistons who had been terrorizing the league and had won an NBA Championship already. Will wasn't just battling Thomas on the court but instead was DOMINATING him as he scored whenever and however he liked while shutting Isiah down in the process.

As you can see above, Will was shooting a commercial for what would be his signature shoe the "Air Fresh" if he were to become a star NBA player. Watching Will live out his dreams in a hypothetical way with one of the Detroit legends is what makes his show special to us in Michigan.

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