Takeout containers are all over the world as they often are not disposed of correctly, causing harm to our environment in multiple ways. The plastic and styrofoam containers are harming animals, being burned and releasing emissions into the air, or simply just lying around, making them a large contributor to harming the Earth.

I'm glad that "no more takeout" wasn't the thought or plan with the initiative to reduce the use of plastic or styrofoam containers because I firmly believe that you deserve to take any leftover food you have. After all, you paid for it. Instead, there is a Michigan city that has decided to pilot a new program that could potentially change the takeout game forever.

Two restaurants in Downtown Kalamazoo have agreed to and signed on to a pilot program revolving around their takeout container material. Unfortunately, all the information is not released to the public yet so we are unsure of which restaurants will be participating and there is still time for more businesses to join the cause.

We were able to find out that the program does require a $5 deposit that you would receive back when you return the container. So, from what I understand, you would pay the $5 deposit, receive your food in the stainless steel container, and then enjoy it at home in your leisure time. You would then rinse the container out and return it to the restaurant.

The restaurant will release the $5 deposit back to you and will then clean and sanitize the container themselves before making it available for another customer to use. This comes from the City of Kalamazoo, which partnered with a company called Foreverware, whose goal is to reduce the use of plastic and styrofoam containers.

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