Just earlier this week, Aunt Millie's Bakery put out an allergy alert connected to some of their hot dog buns that have been on shelves for a few weeks. The recall was sent out to have individuals dispose of the unsafe buns due to an undisclosed allergen concern.

Aunt Millie's Bakery had several shipments of the Our Family White Hot Dog Buns sent to stores in Ohio. Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. The recall was put out on Tuesday, March 21st for the 8-pack buns encouraging those who have them in their home to be weary of them.

Now, this recall isn't like many of the recalls we have seen before as this is one that will only affect a portion of the population. Most of the time that we see a recall it's because of a processing error that could cause harm to anyone who ingests the product, while this recall only affects those with a specific allergy.

This recall is pointed at those who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to sesame that could run a large risk of injury or life-threatening allergic reactions. The recall was sent out because Aunt Millie's realized they forgot to mention to use of the sesame and wanted to warn consumers.

This recall affects Our Family White Hot Dog Buns and includes best-by dates from 4-9-2023 and before. This product has been suspended until the FDA and the company complete their investigations and all incorrect packaging has been removed.

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