I obviously have no experience as a police officer or any other kind of public service officer but I do have tons of experience with communication. With all of that being said, I don't know what it's like to arrest someone, book them, and go through the process of jailing them but I know how to communicate to other people what is going on.

I always wondered how people were able to be in police custody and then end up getting away and committing more crimes before eventually being arraigned. Now it's clear, it's a lack of communication that allows for individuals to be let out into the streets before they should be. This county jail in Ohio is just one example of an all too common error in our system.

Earlier this week the Michigan Department of Corrections put out a public statement letting the public know that they were looking for a prisoner that was incorrectly released from the jail he was serving time in down in Ohio. Public Safety officers are telling residents to keep their eyes open for Christopher Bibbs Jr.

Bibbs had been sentenced for a carjacking he committed in Wayne County and had been housed in the Thumb Correctional facility in Lapeer Michigan. He was serving a 4-10 year sentence in the Warren County prison when he was released to be transported to Ohio.

He was wanted in Ohio on the charges of improper handling of a firearm in a vehicle, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and providing false information to police, and was supposed to withstand trial. After being booked into the county jail in Ohio everything hit the wayside.

For some undisclosed reason the county jail in Ohio released Bibbs to the streets and the police have been unable to locate him since. They have taken a number of different avenues to try and find him, including working with his family to no avail. They believe that he has made his way back to the Detroit area.

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