Way back in the day Michigan football was placed into the long-standing limelight by someone who is considered to be one of the best college football coaches to exist but was a questionable person at heart. This was Bo Schembechler who had his fair share of allegations to work through, which ultimately left a stain on his career.

As time has worn on more things are coming out and things don't look good for Bo, but his son, Glenn,  is determined to clear his name. After being hired by Michigan Football to help with recruiting, a news interview was leaked and many others looked through his tweets, let's just say Glenn isn't making things any better.

It doesn't stop there, interested individuals decided to perform a deep dive into Glenn's social media and they some pretty disturbing things amongst his Twitter likes. He was seen liking and promoting ideas of racism, bigotry, prejudice, and more, including tweets saying that Jim Crow and slavery helped black communities. Here are a few examples:

The University of Michigan and its Football team worked swiftly and diligently to keep this from blowing up. They managed to keep a one-day story exactly that, a one-day story.

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